Nonviolence: The Cause Of Non Violence

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As Ghandi states on the first paragraph on page 81 “Nonviolence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind.” This is a very true statement, No one is born to be a violent towards anyone or anything. Nonviolence is a key factor for most protesting. If you are violent while to protest you are only provoking the person you are trying to protest against. Nonviolence can take you very far with protesting or anything of that matter because you are not provoking or bothering anyone, you are peacefully protesting. A good example of how nonviolence can work is how current NFL players are kneeling rather than acting out and going crazy. It's actually working because it’s taken the whole world by storm and has even caught the eye of the president. Though we live in a world where violence happens all over the place using nonviolence can help the world evolve and become a better place. Loving who are going against is crucial when being nonviolent. As Stephen Prothero states on page 178 “Metta is often …show more content…

It was purely devastating and is hard to fathom that someone could honestly do that. People like that are scum. Regardless of it we should not use violence but rather we should meditate and try to answer the problem at hand. As Gandhi explains “Every murder or other injury , no matter for what cause, committed or inflicted on one another is a crime against humanity.” This is true statement because of the simple fact that hurting someone is not the way to get your point across. Mercilessly killing people for no reason only makes matters worse for our world. It makes people paranoid and hard to trust people. I purpose that we should all go to sangha and try to find ways and means to fix issues in the world so that another las vegas shooting never happens again. This Shooting should give people the reminder that violence is all around but love can conquer

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