Normal vs. Abnormal Psychology

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Normal v. Abnormal Psychology: Normal and abnormal psychology is based on the theory of perception whereby some changes are detected in the body such as the color of the body, its figure, shape, and size. Since the changes named above have been working hand in hand, it has not been easy to separate them but it's only the color that cannot be experienced without raising some questions. Perception can also be based on the mental act, which is described as the kind of approach that an individual takes on the information relayed to him or her. In psychology, perception is regarded as a reflection of the external world that represents life situations with which the specific organism need to adjust itself. As a result, the theory of perception is primarily the most significant and a challenging aspect in psychology (Sidis, n.d.). For instance, the theory of perception is of great significance to abnormal psychology, especially from theoretical and practical viewpoints. It has been observed that the two psychologies have had both similarities and differences in one way or the other. Similarities between Normal and Abnormal Psychology: Both normal and abnormal psychology have a common similarity in relation to behavior. Abnormal psychology occurs when a person is distressed, disturbed, or bizarre that may lead the individual to get out of control. This form of action is referred to as abnormal and this can only be solved through the intervention of a health counselor. With the
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