Normality In Brave New World

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Aldous Huxley wrote the novel, Brave New World, without a slight notion of what the future would hold. However, throughout the plot of the story, there were many concepts and themes that are prevalent in today’s society. Brave New World is a story that revolves around the idea of a dark utopia. All forms of normality were thrown out during the writing process. The beliefs that everybody belonged to everybody, and marriage was disgusting were praised in the society. Children were made by the hundreds in test tubes every day, and from that point on were classified by their chosen social standing. These kids grew up without a familial setting, however, they were taught through their sleep. The adults they would eventually turn into would follow their given path, and obey the societal normality's. Despite the numerous means of teaching, their was one man that always went against his society. Bernard and his ally, John, shook the World State to its core with their presence. In the World State, the leaders allowed abounding activities and administered forms of drugs in order to keep their civilians naïve. The use of soma and the scientific process, conditioning, preserved the ignorant bliss of the World State. The citizens of the World State lived in complete peace because of their insanely accessible access to the drug, soma. Soma is a type of narcotic, that when ingested, is able to calm any male or female. When taken in a large amount, it is even possible to slip into

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