North American Religion

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How Region Led to the Settlement of North America

Back during the medieval times in England religion was a very sacred thing, the church had more power than the king. Christianity was not only a major part of people's lives but also a major part of English society. When Henry VIII had come into power, however, the changes made to England's religion prompted problems, people became confused and the church became divided. This division was only but a precursor; because of King Henry VIII the English became divided which only worsened after the country's religion was changed several times after King Henry, subgroups of religious beliefs began to appear and those subgroups were discriminated against, so to escape the persecution those people fled to North America.

Catherine of Aragon was king Henry's first wife, she had been previously married to his deceased brother. Catherine had four children, one daughter who went on to live into adulthood and three sons all of which had all died. …show more content…

In an attempt to escape the precaution the Separatists moved to Plymouth, Massachusetts, they became known as pilgrims. The Puritans on the other hand instead had gone instead to Salem, Massachusetts.

In conclusion, England's inconsistent religions started to divide people up, which lead to the discrimination of some religious groups, to escape the prejudice they fled to North America. King Henry VIII was the one who started the changes to religions in England, but was proceeded by Edward the VI, Mary I, and Elizabeth I who all changed the countries religion too. The changes created religious groups like the Puritans and Separatists who were persecuted for their beliefs, to escape the inequity they both fled to

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