North Korea Threats

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North Korea Defector Says Information More Dangerous than US Threats

In the article North Korea Defector says Information More Dangerous than US Threats, Zachary Cohen, an experienced writer for CNN, suggests that North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un is preparing himself for a nuclear was that only he is going to start and persuading people that Un is not prepared to rule North Korea. He develops this claim by first telling who he is interviewing and why this man is important. He tells the reader that this man escaped North Korea with his family while they were on a business trip. He then continues to explain that because Thae Yong-Ho was high up in the secluded countries government, he knows what is happening and what Kim Jong plans to allow to …show more content…

He feels that his power and his people's feeble mindedness may be in danger of change. Cohen’s purpose is to allow the people wondering where the future lies, to have a glimpse into North Korea. Giving people information about what is happening on the inside of the secluded country gives everyone a chance to see what may happen in the future. He establishes a very straight forward tone while describing the situation to the people of America. Zachary Cohen utilizes repetition throughout his article, for example, “As long as Kim Jong Un is in power, ….consolidated power by sheltering the North Korean….maintain his unquestioned grip on power …” The effect of the repetitiveness of power is that the condition of North Korea is shown. Throughout the article, it is proven that North Korea is a power hungry, demanding, unstable country. Cohen tells in his article that one of the many reasons Kim Jong Un is so obsessed with power is because he feels that he is in danger of losing his power. If the people that he has brainwashed gain the knowledge of what he is doing is to them, he runs a very high risk of being overthrown. In addition, the author continuously puts digression into his article. Cohen is

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