Norwegians Research Paper

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Norwegians A little facts about Norwegians! Norwegians society is conveyed and well structured. Public service like education and health service are free, and it’s a highly established welfare state. Nature is very important to Norwegians. They appreciate the outdoors. In Norway they love to walk. They tend to focus more on the walking then the actual distance. Going for walk is considered a national sport. Whether it’s in the park or the mountains. Information is widespread in their society. Formal titles and social position do not establish an important person should be addressed differently than a regular person. For such a small population, they have an amazingly rich, skillful and wide-ranging cultural scene. They have one of the best…show more content…
Not only majority of the population discriminate against minority populations. The Anti-discrimination Act and the Norwegian gain penal code offer protection against discrimination for both the minority population and the majority population. The government believes that all forms of racism, discrimination, and harassment must be prevented. Studies have showed the people with minority background in Norway are victims of discrimination. The Norwegian action plan to promote equality and prevent ethnic discrimination focuses on battling discrimination. Forms of oppression experienced by Norwegians is feminism. The feminist movement has made important progress in improving laws and social customs in the nation promoting the woman of Norway. In 1884, the Norwegian Association for Women’s Rights was created, the first formal women’s rights organization in Norway. Two major laws were passed in 1890. By the first law, married women gained majority status. The second law ended the power of the husband over the wife. The man retained control of the home of the couple, but the woman could now freely arrange of the fruit of his
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