Not Just Your Typical Farmer'S Daughter. My First Step

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NOT JUST YOUR TYPICAL FARMER 'S DAUGHTER My first step of leadership was in music class in grade 8. At the time, I was being taught piano lessons. The teacher allowed the class to have alone time to learn an instrument. During this time there was a disabled classmate named Devin. He was struggling to play the piano. I saw the opportunity to teach him. He smiled when I encouraged him, which touched my heart. It opened my eyes to how my classmates treated him. With me, he was himself. But I learned more from Devin then he learned from me. He showed me my life purpose, is to serve and empower others. He taught me that little can go a long way and to not to judge a book by its cover. Oh, and how awesome the character, Garfield is. My …show more content…

In under a month, with the support of my province, I orchestrated over fifteen fundraisers and raised a whopping 3,800 dollars. When returning to school in September. I was shocked to discover all my “friends” shunned and discluded me from everything. One day the Principal asked me to speak at an assembly about my platform. At first, I was hesitant because of the fear of judgment. With much thought, I am glad I decided to present. This obstacle became achievable when I realized a strong leader is not going to be worrying about what others think. They have a vision and make it a reality. A quote that helped me get through this was; “it’s better to be alone than to surround yourself with people who make you feel alone”. Once I made them acquaintances instead of friends. My confidence began to flourish. Others perceptions and acceptance of me no longer mattered. I stopped worrying about whether someone liked me and I started thinking more about whether I liked them. I can remember one rugby practice, we were working on our cardio. My coach asked the team “Do you know what the objective of weight training is?” She then continued, “It is to exhaust the muscle until it burns. Then it is to rest the muscle and then continue another rep. Once you overcome that weight you get more weight.”. In life, when people are given more weight, such as an obstacle. Most people get bitter instead of better. There is a purpose

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