Community Leadership In Cosmetology

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My community leadership has been based in and around my school. My leadership ranges from teaching a cosmetology course at my school to planning events. It has helped me manage my time, allow to learn how to research efficiently and has taught me how to better communicate with those around me. I have met new and exciting people and have been given opportunities i wouldn't have received had I not gone to the school i am at. My first leadership opportunity was to teach a cosmetology course at my high school. I focused on teaching the girls the aspects of cosmetology that they find appealing while still getting them to learn the less exciting aspects of the course. This allowed me to create a trip to the local senior center so that the girls could learn first hand how to do certain skills and to really perfect their abilities in a controlled environment. I currently teach cosmetology 15, 25 and 35.

The first volunteer trip to the senior center started out as a cosmetology project and with a lack of students in the course, i opened it up to any student in the school. With the max total of 16 girls, we arrived at the senior center and held a mini spa day for the residents. Myself and
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They were enjoyable events that were fun for the girls who went as well as the women who ended up there, whether it was to get their nails done or just to hangout and chat.

I firmly believe that the people i've surrounded myself with have helped me become the person I am today. I think that they have helped me become a leader in my own right and have pushed me to achieve reach my full potential. The passion that I have has forced me to be the leader i am in the sense that i push for the goals I know are reachable and it has also allowed me to be the leader that compromises when it comes to the people I work with. I’m adaptable, positive, and i maximize where and when I
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