Notes On Demand For Equality

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Exam #1: Demand for Equality
In the United States, it can be said that slavery and wars have shaped our nation for the good and the bad. According to some ideas of “history”, the African American soldiers were treated as equals during wars such as The Revolutionary War, The Spanish-American War, The Civil War, World War I, and World War II. There we no wars that no African Americans did not participate in some shape or form. However, many historical remembrances, might be classified as mis-remembrances, also known as myths. The true history behind these soldiers showcase the African American soldiers being discriminated against in terms of treatment, opportunity, and wages.
Gordon Wood said it best when he stated that “in the early 18th century, very few were complaining about slavery.” At about 1619, many slaves were brought over to North America to help in the tobacco fields. Slavery at the time of the early 18th century was just starting to get going. When the slaves were brought over to America, they were no laws, no rules, and no regulations. It was around 1640 when the African Americans started being discriminated against. According to the film “Slavery and the Making Of America”, it was established that the ideology about slavery around this time, could be simply put as “the work was important but the being was not. “ As slavery slowly progressed, you notice a the treatment getting much worse. Slaves being forced to work extreme hours, and preform every tedious

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