Notes On Hypnosis : Hypnosis

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UF217: Hypnosis Everyone knows that if you really want to mesmerize someone, you’d better have a audacious showbiz tuxedo and a pretty dark black Van Dyke goatee. And a cape, and a top hat, probably. Also a “mesmerizing” spiral coin, or a pendulous pocket watch. “YOU ARE GETTING VERY SLEEPY.” Actually it turns out there’s something to hypnosis, but there’s two avenues: there is the “stage hypnotism” that showmen and side-show acts perform, which is horseshit, then there’s the “might be something to it” variety of hypnotherapeutic “hyper-awareness.” Thing about “real” hypnotism is we do it every day. But let’s start with stage hypnotism—the “you are now under my spell” variety. The main thing about this kind of “act” is that the participant is 100% just onboard for the spiel. The “magician” literally just tells the participant to cluck like a chicken, and the participant will because he was told to, and now he’s part of a show, and who is he to let everyone down? In stage hypnotism, there’s no difference between pretending you magically influenced someone’s actions vs just saying “do this thing” and they comply. Compliance is based on the simple mechanism that no one want’s to be the spoil-sport. You get called up to be on stage, and now everyone is watching, and the entire audience (and you) have shared expectation that you’ll do what you’re told. And so, you do. It’s a weird form of like…group-think, or public compliance. Sounds a little rapey, but it’s all fun and
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