Notes On ' Progressions And Regressions '

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Progressions and Regressions Throughout each semester, there are constant progressions through-out a student’s classwork along with a change in their confidence levels. As an incoming student into AP language arts my confidence level was very high, because I really enjoy writing and the general idealism of language arts.With that, my confidence level has varied throughout the course of the semester. What I mean by that is, the course is slightly more challenging than I originally imagined it to be. To follow with the challenges, the gains have equalled it out with the fact that I have occurred more skills and have progressed as a writer from the beginning of the class. As a whole, the class has not been overly easy and it has had it’s moments of being fairly difficult for me. My satisfaction level of this course and the experience of it at this point is pretty high and I’ve found the challenge very satisfying in the sense of the new language choices I have since developed and the knowledge I have gained. In going from a basic language arts class to a college language arts class it’s a whole new perspective. In deciding to take this course I’ve had many positive as well as negative things I have noticed in my writing. The very first essay we had I scored fairly average for it being the first essay of the class. It had lacked many elements such as essay content, word choice, as well as grammar and mechanics. An example from that essay would be ”Which holds the reader at

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