Notes on Women in Animation

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In animation are we moving away from stereotypic depiction, are we maturing, are we changing our culture for the best? if so how? is now beter then before? Moral and Ethics in disney animation woman representation in modern animation. gender stereotyping and sexist imagry Woman in the animation production an overlook Lotte Reiniger Mary ellen Faith Hubley Evelyn Lambart Sayoko kinoshita Gillian lacey caroline Leaf quote from the book Jayne Pilling 'Women and Animation' Published in Great Britain in 1992 by the British Film institute 21 Stephen street London W1p 1PL "A younger generation has felt free to explore a range of subjective experiences, in a sense taking feminism for granted. some reject an…show more content…
female refugees 1988 award making film ; 'pas à deux' worked with Gerrit Van Dijk who was acused of misoginy, drawings she would make, he would take the credit for them. "I felt very alone when I started to express myself in the 70's, and was ridiculed for my feminist ideas. I think only Gillian Lacey and Vera Neubauer know and understand what it was not being considered professional...I must say talented women working in animation did not dare to be considered disgraceful by making feminist fims." she went to less hostile holland and found financing for a series aiming directly at a minority audiences often discomforting images UK joanna quin women as prominent as men. 80's boom of uk based animation spread worldwide Look up references: Bruno Edera/ L'Animation au féminin, La revue du Cinéma, Decembre 1983 Sybil Delgaudio, seduced qnd reduced: female animal characters in some Warners' Cartoons, in The Amercin Animated Cartoon: a critical
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