Noun Clauses

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Noun Clauses

NOUN CLAUSE is a group of words with a subject and a verb



You can recognize a noun clause by one of the relative pronouns or adverbs that begin the clause

A noun clause consists of three components:

A relative pronoun or adverb

A subject

A verb

Noun clauses function like

Uses of Noun Clauses

After some verbs and adjectives

To include a question in a statement
(embedded questions)

To report what someone has said or asked Noun clauses can follow certain verbs and adjectives that express mental activities


notice realize remember see show suppose think understand wonder say tell

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In writing, use quotation marks. John said, “ I love this class.”

Reports what a speaker said

without using the exact words.
There are no quotation marks.
John said that he loved this class.

The reporting verbs say and tell are usually in the simple past for both direct and indirect speech.

He said, “It’s great.”
He said it was great

Remember to change pronouns, time and place expressions this and here in indirect speech to keep the speaker’s original meaning.
Ann told Rick, “I bought this dress here.”
Ann told Rick that she had bought that dress there.

He said:


leave now.”

He told me (that)
He would leave then. He was going to drive Traffic may be bad she might move he could help
They had to stay
I must be careful

Some Modals change forms can – could may –might will – would have to, must – had to could, might, should, would, ought to, and had better do not change form

“Are you bringing any fruit into the country?”
The customs officer asked the tourists if they were bringing any fruit into the country. “Do you have your transcripts with you?”
The registrar asked me if I had my transcripts with me.

“Can you fix my car?”
I asked the mechanic if he could fix my car.
“Did you see the accident?”
The police officer asked me if I had seen the accident.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”
My first grade teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew

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