Nouns And Substance Error Taxonomies Of Iraqi Efl Learners

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EA: Grammatical and Substance Error Taxonomies of Iraqi EFL Learners, Causes and Recommendations

Supervised by: Prof. Fan Wei Wei
Major: Linguistics and applied linguistics
Date: 2015
In recent decades of research in the field of linguistics and applied linguistics. Error analysis EA increasingly engaging the interest of linguists and non-linguists for the reason that it yields insights into the process of language learning. EA, particularly in second language acquisition has become popular because it is considered as one of the best kind of linguistic studies that concerns about the learners’ errors. Linguist Corder states that EA has two objects, one theoretical to understand how and what a learners’ learns when they studies a second language and other applied object is to enable the learners’ to learn more efficiently and using the knowledge of their dialect for pedagogical purpose (Corder, 1967 cited in Sawalmeh, 2013). The objectives of error analysis is to know the learning strategies for learners’ and reasons for causing errors. Learners’ errors have provided the foundation of how to learn an EFL/ESL (Corder, 1967 cited in Huan, 2011). The language transfer is considered as an important part in applied linguistics and language learning studies, which concentrate on the source or interlingual cause of error and relates this case to the mother tongue language system. The transfer has attracted researchers of different
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