Novel Without a Name

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Gonzalez 1 Anabel Gonzalez Mr. Helle English p.2 7 September 2009 Thematic Effects on Novel without a Name Novel without a name by Duong Thu Huong provided a real insight on war from the Vietnamese point of view. Readers are able to contemplate with the themes that reoccur, what the war truly is like, and the effects it causes on the people, society, and the individual. Three main reoccurring themes of this novel were disillusionment of the war, betrayal, and the loss of innocence that the war causes on a human being. “How proud were we of our youth! Ten years ago the day we left for the front, I had never imagined this. All we had wanted was to be able to sing songs of glory. Who cared about mortars, machine guns, mines,…show more content…
Soldiers go through so much for their country when engaged in a war and Gonzalez 3 the last thing that they deserve is to be betrayed by the people who they think are looking out for them. It is dishonorable for the government to that and lie to its citizens. During a war everything suffers, from the environment to the people. However one of the greatest losses that war has is that loss on innocence in the children, and the loss of adequate living on human beings. Living during an era of war is like maturing half a lifetime in a couple of years. Children have to deal with every day deaths, bombings, machine gun noises, even enlisting in war themselves. From Quan joining war at18 then ten years later realizing that he was never ready for war to the little girl, who acts like a mom when she is only a child, it is apparent that your life will drastically change if involved in a war. The little girl mentioned in this novel is a young six year old who to Quan appears to be like a young mother in a miniature form. Instead of this child playing with her dolls and pretending to feed them, she is feeding and taking care of a real life soldier. In this quote the little girl had found Quan and went to ask her Aunt for help to take him in her home “Last night I went to pick vegetables to make soup… I found him leaned over and he didn’t answer. (Huong65) I went to Aunt Lai’s she helped me drag him into the
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