Nowadays, Society Promotes An Idea That Everybody Should

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Nowadays, society promotes an idea that everybody should think critically and be innovative. This new idea let many people get confused and wonder whether we humans have the ability to actually be able to control our mind. It seems like we did because we each has unique ideas. While as a matter of fact, we don’t. We don’t have the control of our own mind due to our instinct of imitation and being easily controlled by the social trend. In Blackmore’s essay “ Strange Creatures”, she claims that people become hosts of “ memes” because each meme passes from one person to another easily and also through people’s special abilities of imitation. In Lauren Slater’s essay “ Who Holds The Clicker,” the author claims that social trends controls …show more content…

Accepting others ideas becomes a subliminal reaction for us and after hearing that we remember that without a doubt. After a long time, we intentionally think that’s our own ideas instead of someone else’s. In Slater’s passage, it is also easier to treat someone else’s ideas as our own. The patient, Mario has electrode implanted in his brain to control obsessive-compulsive disorder. Mario’s treatment was actually mind control because the doctor holds the clicker to control him. As a matter of fact, it is unethical because Mario himself did not do all the controlling, the doctors did. Doctors controls human’s feeling and OCD rituals with immediacy which made Mario has an illusion that his treatment is almost done and soon he will be cured. Doctors treatment did let Mario be permanently fine for his mental disease but he was not fundamentally treated. The neurological implants could mess up with people’s emotion, cause more complication. “ Heath discovered that electrodes placed in the hippocampus, the thalamus or the tegmentum could produce states of rage of fear, while electrodes placed in brain’s septal area and part of the amygdala could produce feeling of pleasure.” (Slater 277) By controlling people’s electrodes in their brain, doctors could control their emotion and how they feel. So as a matter of fact, his life is totally tied up with the doctor. He used to live

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