Nt1310 Unit 3 Dimensions Of Data Collection

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Key factors are:

(1) Policy: which deals with info security policies in place,

(2) Education: which deals with education of users on security related issues,

(3) Technology: which covers the technology used to implement security measures

(4) Confidentiality: confidentiality of info/data

(5) Integrity: addresses measures in place to ensure data integrity

(6) Availability: to ensure authorized users access to information in usable format

(7) Storage: issues dealing with data storage

(8) Processing: issues that cover the processing and handling of data

(9) Transmission: covers issues related to factors that influence transmission of data

These nine influencing factors can be modeled as a 3-dimensional cube as
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When we consider the relationship among the three

dimensions represented by the axes shown.we have a 3 x 3 x 3

cube with 27 cells, where each cell represents an area of intersection among

the three dimensions that must be addressed.

In Exercise 1 you determine how you would address the different factors that impact

the security and protection of data/information pertaining to this class (such as student

information, student homework submissions, student discussion posts etc.) by
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