Security And Reliability Are Huge Issues

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Security and Reliability are huge issues when we go through the readings, throughout the module we’ve seen countless examples of how reliability can go wrong, and how we aren’t so secure in cyberspace either. In a world where there are reports of hackers exploiting security systems and stealing personal data at even the most sensitive and important computer systems, it’s said that with the “proliferation of hacker tools” the computer systems we have today are less secure than the one’s we had ten years ago. (Garfinkel, 2012) My organization will be holding sensitive private user data such as credit card numbers and personal identifiable information like first and last names, email addresses, dates of birth, and so on. My organization will have to ensure that this data is secure from hackers and is on encrypted servers. We must also ensure the transmission of data when putting in financial information to purchase items is encrypted, to ensure that the data cannot be intercepted via local networks or cookies. Security of the user’s data is paramount, any breach of trust can lead to a loss of trust between the user and the organization, resulting in financial loss. Another issue the organization will have to deal with is ensuring employees do not have improper access to personal data, that disgruntled employees cannot leak or access information once they’ve been fired, and that employees are competent in security measures to ensure human error isn’t a reason for a data breach.
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