Nt1330 Unit 9 Final Paper

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The above planning process addresses the Commanders concerns. The first addressed is the ability for the Commander to have input into the event and resubmit his revision back to the divisions. The second is addressed with the Operations Chief and staff entering the project into Microsoft Project software and identifying all possible gaps in the project for submission to the Commander.
Implementing the new planning process within the organization will be conducted in 3 phases. The first phase that will be conducted is personnel training. There are two different types of training that must be conducted for this process to be successful. The first training is for the Operations division that will consist of training all staff members how to use the Microsoft Project Software. The second and most important part of the training will be for all action officers from the organization’s divisions on how to properly plan and allocate resources for their events. The reason that this training is crucial was the identification of a process (commander wants revision) within the plan that has potential for a significant amount of rework (waste of resources). Action Officers that are trained will be able to plan and get approval from the commander on their events. Action Officers that are not trained will be receiving denials or worst revisions that cost rework for the …show more content…

Once training has been conducted, we will run a pilot program for a quarter to see its effectiveness and record all data such as possible savings, attendance and rework. Once the quarter is over and the data is analyzed, the results will be submitted to the commander for decision. The third phase will be sustainment and process improvement to ensure that the planning process runs at its optimal capability. This phase is critical to ensure that the new process is fully adapted and not reversed into conducting business as we always

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