Nuclear Energy as a Power Source

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Nuclear energy as a Power Source

Name: Syahmi Shamsul
Class: English 1-2
Submission Date: 28 February 2013

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
This report aims to explore the views of those who support nuclear energy as a source of electricity and those who oppose it. It will also analyze the issue of using nuclear energy as a power source, why this issue is so significant as well as the people involved in this issue.
2. The issue
Due to the rising cost and at the same time, the declining availability of fossil fuel, many countries seek cheap, alternative ways to produce electricity for their people. As nuclear energy is cheap because of the large amount of uranium reserve on Earth and that it is also able …show more content…

Such a possibility that can cause this to happen includes a nuclear accident like Fukushima accident in 2011 or unintended leakage where human population becomes overexposed to radiation. As a result, mutations can occur to victims and may permanently damage the gene structure which could result future generation to have abnormalities (Effects of Nuclear Radiation, 2011).
1.2.2 Waste from fission is radioactive
Radioactive wastes from nuclear plants are a major concern for those who are against nuclear energy as the waste can last for over a thousand years until the radiation is gone (Australian Government Parliamentary Departments, 2010). Nuclear waste mainly includes water pollutant from the cooling system of nuclear plants. Water is essential for nuclear reactors to cool down so that it may not overheat. However, water that is no longer needed for the nuclear reactor, which is highly contaminated, need to be removed. Usually, nuclear plants pump this radioactive water into nearby rivers or into the seas. As this water is radioactive, it damages the ecosystem, hence causing harm to the environment. It can cause fish or marine live to die due to the harmful effects of radiation (Kivi, n.d.)
6. Conclusion
As explored in this report, nuclear energy brings both advantages and disadvantages when it comes to producing energy. On one hand, it is an alternative source of

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