Nuclear Power Over Our Environment

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Absolute power over our environment has been ceded to the companies that produce genetically modified organisms in Hawaii. “For the better part of two decades, BASF Plant Science, Dow AgroSciences, DuPont Pioneer, and Syngenta have been drenching their test crops...with some of the most dangerous synthetic pesticides in use in agriculture today, at an intensity that far surpasses the norm at most other American farms…” (Koberstein). Not only have they been present within Hawaii’s agricultural system for twenty years, but they have been using pesticides at a dangerous level with no regulations. GMO companies must be regulated because local citizens in the vicinity of the GMO farms have displayed signs of sickness caused by the pesticides…show more content…
The wind speed averages eight to nine miles per hour, and a primary ingredient, chlorpyrifos, in the pesticides is prohibited from application when the wind speeds are higher than ten miles per hour. On a windy day, incidents such as the evacuation of Waimea Canyon Middle School are bound to occur. Furthermore, GMO companies have not conducted proper studies sufficient enough to prove their safety for human consumption. Goodman reveals in “Independent Health Risk Studies” that companies conduct heavily biased studies and ignore the findings of independent researchers if their evidence is contradictory towards the companies’ products. “Summary data from a 90-day rat feeding study revealed to European regulators raised concerns, prompt­ing requests for release of the full study, which had been conducted by Monsanto. The company refused to comply, acceding only a year later upon order of a German court” (Goodman). Monsanto is a dominant supplier in the GMO market, and their refusal to release a full health study to the public is questionable as to what the true results were. Only upon order of the German government did they finally give up the results of the study, which showed an elevated white blood cell count and lower kidney weights in rats fed GMO corn compared to rats fed normal corn. Finally, the GMO companies are manipulating Hawaii’s government to achieve their corporate goals. Ludwig explains in “Hawaii’s GMO War Headed to
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