Numeracy In History Essay

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Part A: Numeracy

Numeracy in the subject area of History can be often difficult to define. Primarily because literacy makes up such a huge part of the 7 – 12 History Curriculum. Furthermore, numeracy is often stigmatised with subjects like the sciences and maths. Thankfully, ACARA and the QCAA seek to remove this static image of numeracy. This is achieved through demonstrating that numeracy is an essential skill of the 21 Century.
ACARA and the QCAA achieve this through upholding the second core goal of the Melbourne Declaration which describes that all young Australians will become successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens (Barr, A, Gillard, J, etc. al, p. 8, 2008). This is done
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Activities like these, provide students with the opportunity to have greater self-efficacy when working with numeracy. This is because students are provided with more opportunities to practice their numeracy skills in subjects outside of the sciences and maths. Numeracy, also provides those students with learning needs, like ESL/D or with a disability the opportunity to communicate their historical knowledge in another format. However, the teacher needs to be mindful of the diverse culture, linguistic abilities and experiential background’ (Morgan, Comber, 2014, p. 9) and how it will contribute to their numeracy understanding in History.

In conclusion, the general capability of numeracy can be at times difficult to implement. This is because numeracy is often stigmatized to the sciences and math subjects. However, numeracy is another way which students can communicate and demonstrate their historical skills. Through seeing numeracy in this light, enables teachers and students an opportunity to cater for students with diverse learning needs, including those with ESL/D or with a disability.
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