Nurse Practitioner: A Short Story

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Please don't call me doc; I’m a nurse she'd asserted. Her voice echoed with confidence. She was a stern woman. Mary was her name but I only ever referred to her as Commander Brown. She wore a kaki military uniform with a silver leave pin that you'd never see under her white trench coat she vastly moved in. Her assertive statement reciprocated in my mind through out the day; as several patients made the mistake to call her Doc. I was quite as I scurried beside her from room to room seeing patient after patient. I observed everything she did as a nurse practitioner. I was twenty years old, and a brand new EMT in the Navy words rarely escaped my mouth. As a Corpsman/medic my job in the navy was to rotate EMT duty, during the days I wasn’t on ambulance call I was busy assisting Commander Brown. As a newbie I was forced to work along side Commander Brown everyone in the clinic was a bit more seasoned and refused to work with her. She was demanding, strict, and scrutinized every detail. She was tough on everyone even her patients. Day in and day out I shepherd to her call. I worked diligently checking and rechecking orders, chart notes, and studying the diseases of her patients. I sensed I had to be impeccable to…show more content…
Even the doctors and anastetologists I've work along side all started out as a nurse. I loved being an EMT it was the greatest accomplishment I felt being so young and passonite about what I did. I love the field I've worked in and want to be a nurse to continue growing in my career and as a person. It takes strength, balance, compassion, and empathy to be a nurse. I'm inspired and I have high respect for these men and women I’ve had the opportunity to work with. Each one of them has left a mark on my life in some way. Nurses may have a semi invisible profession but they are the true anchor in our healthcare
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