Nursing : A Fine Profession Essay

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Nursing; A Fine Profession Complex structures, such as skyscrapers, contain many flights of stairs with lower levels providing important foundations for sequential floors, but at the same time including a vast profession of their own. Each individual level demonstrates just as much importance as the next—without the first or needless to say the tenth floor, the twenty-second floor would not exist. Similarly, the nursing profession embraces a strong code of ethics, professional conduct, and a commitment to service, no matter where it is located on the healthcare spectrum. Although some might debate about the validity of nursing as a profession- not only an occupation- several important factors prove this argument to be true. By analyzing objective descriptions on the principles of a profession and the subjective appeals to nursing, one can determine that nursing is indeed a fine profession, and its role in society continues to expand and evolve in order to best care for the patient at hand. In order to to first prove that nursing is a profession, however, the word profession must be defined so as to examine the facts to which nursing fits its criteria. Based upon both credited literature and approved dictionary definitions, the word profession describes “an occupation whose core element is work based upon the mastery of a complex body of knowledge and skills” (Cruess, p. 75). Other very important aspects of its definition duly noted include service, honesty, proficiency, and
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