The Ethical Framework Behind The Nursing Profession Essay

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Accountability and Responsibility are two of the most important skills that a clinical nurse can display. These skills are taught beginning in nursing school, when learning about the ethical framework behind the nursing profession. Nursing is a skillful combination of science and art that places patient preferences above everything else. Not everyone has the unique ability to be caring and medically savvy. The American Nurses Association defines accountability as the ability to be answerable to oneself and others for one’s own actions (Battie & Steelman, 2015). Accountability plays a huge role in patient care and the process of learning the skills of nursing. Student nurses learn that nurses should be accountable for all actions, delineation of tasks to supportive staff, as well as nursing interventions. Responsibility is also intertwined with this idea of being accountable for one’s own actions. Responsibility refers to the specific accountability or liability associated with the performance of duties of a particular role. Nurses can either accept or reject specific role demands based upon their education, knowledge, competence, and extent of experience (Code of Ethics, 2015). This paper will discuss accountability and responsibility of nurses delving into assessing one’s own competence, techniques of learning responsibility, and the future of nursing accountability. Nurses are responsible first for assessing their own competence. When a nurse, specifically a student
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