Nursing Care Models Within The Past And Today Essay

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Nursing care models are systems of operation in the delivery of nursing care. They have been around for decades and there are several methodologies to consider when choosing the model that works best for your hospital, clinic, office practice or health care setting. Nursing care models can be chosen because of economical considerations. They may also be chosen to allow nurses to “maximize of the use of available nursing resources while ensuring safe, high quality care”, (Dubois,C., DeAmour, D., et al, 2012). This paper will explore and identify various nursing care models utilized in the past and today. It will also specify the type used in my hospital and help navigate other options that are available. As a Registered Nurse in a recovery room setting, the onus of responsibility can be great. We get assigned a patient by the charge nurse. We are then responsible for entering the patient into the computer, printing out the report and setting up the room. All of this happens before the patient even gets into the recovery room. Upon arrival, we attach the patients with EKG leads, pulse oximetry, blood pressure cuff and once we have a set numbers, only then do we take report from the surgeon. Once the surgeon leaves, we get a second report from the CRNA. When the CRNA gives me report, I am listening and watching. I’m listening and writing down the amounts of specific medications, the last tine doses were given and anticipating any issues that may arise. I am also watching the

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