Nursing Community Communication Analysis

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As FCO105 comes to a close for the semester I have progressed substantially on gaining knowledge about the functioning of communication, my nursing community and the intercommunication, terminology and layman terms it uses. From this class my initial goals for this semester was to apply what I learned with my major, and understand how communication functions in certain situations. Three of my main goals as the first week of class began, was to understand the different concepts of communication and how these applied to real world situations. My second and third goal was to understand how these concepts could be incorporated into my major in nursing and how these new techniques could also be applied into my other classes that I was currently …show more content…

From the reading Swales, for a discourse community communication is the cornerstone in the success of maintaining a community set on expanding and combining ideas together to expand the knowledge, values of their community and maintain a particular lexis or intercommunication (Swales 25-26). In project two my theory of communication, I had to research and analyze the nursing community and how they communicated to one another, and how their communication techniques incorporated the previous concepts that was taught to the class earlier in the year. In the article the author, Emig wrote, I have learned that communication relies on more than just the rhetor, the constraints, the rhetorical situations, and the content within verbal or written communication. Based on Emig, written communication must have a purpose and the audience expects accuracy within communication (Emig 124). With that in mind, a rhetor must also demonstrate the purpose of their piece through evidence to back up their claim, and they must also exhibit accuracy to the audience. My theory of communication changed as discourse communities were introduced, the rhetorical situation of the rhetor changed and the concept of communication was altered as the rhetor was now not only a speaker to an audience, but a delivery circuit to all parts of a discourse community. A discourse community allows a community or a group of people to combine their ideas together to not only share and communicate their ideas to one another, but it allows the group to expand their knowledge. As I delved in my discourse community of nursing, I discovered that although the rhetorical situation of the rhetor changed, what they had to acknowledged stayed the same. Nurses in this situation also had to keep in mind who was their audience, whether it was a patient or a fellow medical co-worker, depending upon the

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