The Team Nursing Care Delivery Model

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Nursing care delivery system describes how organizations deliver care to their patients. Any care delivery system is defined by these elements; Nurse/patient relationship and decision-making, work allocation and/or patient assignments, communication between members of the health care team, and management of the unit environment (Koloroutis. 2004.) In other words, nursing care delivery model defines how work is organized, who is going to perform what tasks, who is responsible for nursing care and clinical outcomes, and who makes decisions. Without knowing the concept of nursing care delivery system in their work settings, nurses may not be able to determine what changes might make a difference and develop efficient health care environment for patients and nursing professionals. Therefore, it is very beneficial for nurses to know their care delivery system and analyze the advantages and disadvantages in terms of quality of care, patient satisfaction, job satisfaction, and cost-effectiveness. They are expected to take role in leadership or managing in current health care settings. In this paper, the team nursing care delivery model will be focused. The team nursing model was developed by Dr. Eleanor Lambertsen in response to the improved technology and shortage of professional nurses in the early 1950s. Moby’s health dictionary (2008) defines the team nursing as “a decentralized system in which the care of a patient is distributed among the members of a group working in

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