Teamwork And Communication Of The Healthcare Field Essay

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Teamwork and communication are very important in providing good quality care, especially in the healthcare field. A team is described as a group of people that works together and cooperatively, between each member of the group to reach a common goal (Sullivan, 2013). For a team to function, communication is essential. A report by McKay and Crippen (2008), as stated by Alfaro-LeFevre, (2013) showed that when collaboration is in place, hospitals can decrease their mortality rate by 41%. When mortality rate is lower, hospitals does not only decreased cost, but it also means that patients are receiving good quality care. In the hospital, a team includes a CEO, managers, supervisors, charge nurses, medical doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, social workers and maintenance crews; it can also include many other members. In addition, a well-functioning team is led by a good leader; a leader does not necessary mean the CEO, but someone who is driven, knowledgeable, and a good communicator. Charge nurse and nurses are normally the one that handles the care of patients in the hospital. Both charge nurses and nurses can be considered leaders. It is why, it is very crucial that nurses are good communicators. One would say that nurses are the spoke person of a hospital to its patients. The nurses care for their patient closely, they communicate with the doctors regarding the care of the patient; they communicate with the pharmacies, nursing assistant, colleagues, and many more. Those

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