Nursing Diagnoses And Its Effects On The United States

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Our client, Ertha Williams is a 99 year old female who lives alone in a low-income apartment complex on the second floor in Monroe, Michigan. Ertha suffers from chronic kidney disease and has a history of hypertension and type one diabetes. Due to her chronic kidney disease Ertha has regular scheduled dialysis appointments three times a week, but since the death of her son and husband and her inability to drive it is difficult for Ertha to get to her dialysis appointments. She also has difficulties preparing the multiple medication she is required to take to manage her hypertension and diabetes. After her last dialysis appointment the nurse reported that Ertha appeared frail and emaciated. Ertha herself also stated that she worries about financial issues frequently and has good and bad days occasionally. Based on these findings Ertha is in need of some assistance to help alleviate some of the problems and stresses she is undergoing. Several nursing diagnoses can be established based on Ertha’s current situation and through these diagnoses it will be easier to establish what kind of services Ertha will need from the surrounding community of Monroe and what types of barriers she might encounter in attempting to access these services.
Ertha’s most prominent issues are her inability to get to her prescribed dialysis appointments three times a week and the difficulties she has in preparing her medications. Based on this evidence a nursing diagnosis of ineffective health

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