Nursing Errors and The Stakes Essay

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Every day there is a constant trust adhered to many different people in the profession of Nursing—the decision of what will help patients in terms of medicine, and the confidence to make these decisions. One false act or one slight misdiagnoses of medication to a patient could be the prime factor in whether the patient lives or dies. Nurses in hospitals across the country are spread thin, and thus makes the probability of mistakes higher. If a medicinal dose is off by even one decimal a patient could die, so the only real answer is for nurses to not be afraid to ask for assistance, always follow procedure and voice opinion is they feel something is wrong. Firstly, every year there are many deaths associated with medical errors. Sarah …show more content…

If a doctor is busy with many patients, and the nurse on staff has many other patients they are attending than the nurse need be experienced and able to calmly handle the situation and not be scared to ask for a little assistance. STNAs and LPNs are there for this purpose, they can lend a hand in caring for patients. Nurse’ should be confident that they can do their job and not buckle under pressure, nor should they make assumptions and guesses when they are in a tight predicament that requires a high level of focus. Secondly, there is the issue with nurses not following protocol. Procedures are in place for a reason, to insure the safety of the patient. Agyemang writes, “…many errors occur as a result of nurses not following policies and procedures…” (British Journal of Nursing, 382.) Some nurses violate procedures such as, “…double checking medicines prepared by co-workers, reduction of responsibility (both nurses expecting the other person to have checked it more thoroughly), auto-processing (one nurse reciting the medication details or calculations to the second checker, without the second checker actually confirming this before signing) and lack of time.” (British Journal of Nursing, 382.) If protocol had been followed, then majority of the common errors would be avoided. Instead, nurses are over stressed and in a sort of “routine” that inhibits

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