Nursing Home Care

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In Central Illinois, there is reported by citizens that “There is a nursing home in almost every small town.” The populations of these towns are predominately white. In the case of Mason county Illinois, the population lacks diversity with about 97% being white non-Hispanics (US Census, 2017). It would make sense that in a nursing home populations show the lack of diversity. However, with the local population, it seems that most stay in their homes without moving into nursing homes. This leaves openings in the nursing homes that are filled with people from other regions of the state with populations that are more diverse.
Case Study
Jane Smith is a resident of a nursing home in Mason county Illinois. Jane is a 58-year-old African
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However, a major effort should be made to make contact with families outside of the local area to have them attend at least via phone to help the management staff to gain ideas for the improvement of the care of their loved ones. In addition, any places where education is needed with the staff for greater cultural competence. This should be enacted within the first month if it is not already in place. The cultural competence in-services should start after the first month of care plan meetings are held. To address any cultural deficiency that has been identified by the Interdisciplinary team (IDT) which includes nursing, social services, dietary, floor staff, activities, residents and their family members. The in-service should continue to be held once a month to educate staff on the needs of those in their care. The third step, cultural/ personal/ religious understanding should start within six months of the cultural competence in-services have begun and can be held in place of the in-service. Families can be given 15 minutes to discuss their loved ones any need they might have such as hygiene and personal care that the staff may not understand, who their loved one was when they were younger, and what family traditions they might have so that staff can do their best to put these in
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