Nursing Leadership Health Policy

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Nursing Leadership Health Policy Paper Shoba Jacob Grand Canyon University Ethics, Policy and Finances in the Health Care System NUR-508 Nursing Leadership Health Policy Paper Professional growth and maintaining competencies mainly in knowledge and skill in the field of nursing is very important. Nurses needs to be updated with the current scope and standards of nursing practice. One of the important characteristics of any profession is the accurate educational preparation which can be achieved with the interest of the individual and funding. Every nurse is responsible for the professional growth (Association, 2001) Purpose for a Policy Change Education is important, it is the base for gaining knowledge and wisdom. It is an…show more content…
Advanced nursing practice is known to be a clinical pathway to nurses who can provide excellent client/patient service (Furlong & Smith, 2005). As we have many nurses who are smart and brilliant we need to definitely encourage these nurses to pursue their career in order to achieve this goal and for the patients to enjoy excellent care, in general I personally know many of my colleagues who want to advance their career but unable to pursue due to financial problems which is very miserable. The purpose of this paper is to have a policy change, to increase the education fund which will encourage nurses to advance their education. Presently in the hospital where I work they pay only $ 4000 per calendar year which is only 40% of the educational cost. They try to cancel us very often from our regular 12 hour shifts and we don’t even receive our regular pay checks, if the employer could support nurses financially it would benefit many nurses to advance their career which would not only be beneficial to the employer but it would be useful to the community. The objective will be better education, better care and better citizens in the country. Exact wording for bill
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