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Personal Definition of Nursing April Vialpando Ms. Penne McPherson in partial fulfillment of NR444 Professional Role Development Regis University January 22, 2013 Personal Definition of Nursing The definition of nursing has many different meanings depending on whom you ask. To some a nurse is simply the person who brings you your medication and takes your vital signs. To others, including myself, it is someone who keeps you safe and watches over you while you are in a healthcare setting. A nurse along side a physician with the patients best interest in mind to care for them not only physically but emotionally and mentally. A nurse must have the knowledge of that exact medication you are receiving. I must know the signs and…show more content…
I’ve seen many families complain about this while working in the Emergency Department. I think there is a time and place for this and it is not at the nurse’s station, we have a lounge for catching up and making plans. I think that dressing in a professional manner also shows our patients that we believe that being a nurse is more than merely just a job. I worked full time at a job to pay my way through nursing school so I could have a career. I want my patients to know that I take my license seriously and provide them with the best care I possibly can. Practice Examples that Support Nursing Values Over the last eight years of my nursing career I have had the opportunity to care for patients of all ages, ethnicities, and degrees of illnesses. Compassion is a very important nursing value. I cared for a young mother who at the age of 22 had to experience delivering a baby that she would not be able to take home with her. I sat in her room and held her hand while she cried, screamed and tried to make sense of the tragedy. Sometimes the best words are the unspoken ones. On another occasion I had the opportunity to care for an elderly patient whos family lived far from the hospital. She had reached the end of her life, and she was okay with that. Her only request was not be alone when she took her last breath. She was very weak, but able to thank me over and over for being with her. What an honor it was to share that experience. Life

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