Nursing Philosophy Essay : My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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Personal Philosophy Paper
Ndeye Ndack Gueye
University of Central Oklahoma
NURS 1221
December 1, 2017

Personal Philosophy Paper
Nursing is a worthy career that allows the specialized nurse to improve healthcare. I believe that nursing is not only caring for the sick and injured, but also making the patients your priority. They should be treated with care, kindness, dignity, respect and compensation and not judged. In return, they should be able to trust you and be comfortable in their environment for a healthy development. The nurse should be able to understand human being on all emotional, physical and mental levels. My personal nursing philosophy characterizes the discipline of nursing using the four metaparadigms:
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7) According to Black (2014), “Health is hard to define as love or happiness, and even harder to trap and keep” (p.250). Health is considered as the effective function of self-care resources which guarantee the operation and adequacy of self-care action. “Health includes components of physical, mental, and/or social well-being, not just absence of disease or infirmity (WHO, 1948). Health is a continually changing state influenced by biological, psychological, spiritual, cultural, economic, and sociological factors. Recipients of care actively participate in defining and achieving health” (UCO, 2014, para.6). Nursing involve being in contact with patients or communities and engaging in the moment each day. Every day, we as nurses encounter different health situations that require us to be actively involved providing the best care. The University of Central Oklahoma, Department of Nursing, stated, “Professional nursing is a caring, dynamic process that provides compassionate, respectful, and patient-centered care. The nurse accepts responsibility for reflection and professional growth and is accountable for his/her nursing practice. The nurse functions in a leadership role by actively engaging in community and professional efforts to improve the quality of healthcare and to meet the changing health needs of society” (UCO, 2014, para.8).
In my opinion, Environment englobes all the nursing’s needs. Thus, I highly follow Nightingale’s theory where her
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