Nursing Reflection

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On 11/16/17 I met Ms. Black and her brother at the office of Dr. Fernanedez. Ms. Black was transported to the appointment by a transportation service from Kith Haven rehab. She has a brace on her right leg that is not related to the fall. The brace on her right arm was intact. X-ray was taken and they showed good alignment with the plates and a healing fracture. She is able to demonstrate the range of motion to the elbow that is slow. Her wrist is also slow. Her grip strength is weak. She continues to report numbness to the 4th and 5th fingers. Ms. Black was told that the numbness may take up to a year to come back. The surgery location is around that ulna nerve so it may have been damaged and it may never come back fully. The fingers functioning is the goal. She has a prior injury to the 5th finger and that was already stiff so that has not changed. The 5th finger is bending. Orders were obtained for therapy to work on an active range of motion. No resistance training is to start until 12 weeks postoperative. The brace is to be weaned, and she was fitted with an arm sleeve that has to padding over the elbow since it is sensitive to touch.

On 12/4/17 I met Ms. Black, her brother and a physical therapy from Kith Haven at her home. Ms. Black was able to climb the 5 steps to enter using a railing and having someone stand behind her. Once inside her home, she is able to use her walker to walk from room to room. She has throw rugs that need to be removed. The

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