Nursing Theory Comparison : Margaret Neuman

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Nursing Theory Comparison: Margaret Neuman and Katherine Kolcaba Alison Abid West Coast University Dr Gloria Godvin Comparison of Neuman and Kolcaba Nursing Theories Theories have been the method by which nurse leaders have defined nursing science. Through the diverse bodies of information nurses have given the profession its own practice regulation(s) to institute nursing as a profession. Theories are a set of interrelated concepts that are explanatory and predictive in nature. The concepts are a way of seeing nursing and human events and how they influence each individual’s personal values (George, 2011). Theories are derived by deduction and inductive reasoning. Evaluation of nursing theory has yielded four core conceptual metaparadigm; person, health, environment, and nursing. The comparison of Margaret Newman’s Systems Model is based on the patient’s relationship to stress and reaction to it. She was a nurse by nature and realized years before that she was made for the profession when taking care of her ill mother. Katherine Kolcaba was raised without a father and lists one of the most influential events of her life was his death when she was eight years old and her Comfort Theory a middle- range theory and the Systemic Theory a grand theory which will be the focus of this paper. According to the metaparadigms of nursing science, person is the target of care and includes not only the patient but also caring for the family as well. Environment is noted as either

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