Nursing in the Classroom

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As the largest repository for primary and secondary source material on the history of nursing in the world, the Barbara Bates Center for the Study of the History of Nursing is uniquely situated to create research and scholarship that will position nursing history as central to debates about health policy and practice. The Center provides a broad array of educational opportunities across the School and University, nation and the world. Center faculty members are known for their mentorship and are highly sought after as history of nursing and health policy consultants. One place where Center faculty are able to highlight their scholarship is in the classroom, where educating a new generation of clinicians and researchers through the framework of nursing historical inquiry provides an innovative cultural space that supports discovery and creativity. The Center’s award-winning humanities-based scholarship focuses on the use of history to understand current issues in practice, education, the workforce and health care systems. Center faculty members are responsible for individual courses in the School of Nursing and provide guest lectures across the University and at interdisciplinary schools across the nation. This nursing history coursework provides invaluable context for Penn Nursing’s undergraduate curriculum, which is built on the core concepts of judgment, inquiry, voice, and engagement while bridging the gap between the classroom and clinical experience. In this edition of
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