Nvq Unit 79 4222-331 (Hsc 3047) Essay

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Unit 4222-331 (HSC 3047)

Support use of medication in social care settings

The “rights” of safe medication administration

Service user: verify identity of the service user
Medicine: verify identity of medicine to be given
Dose: verify the amount to be given, carefully determine the strength and the quantity
Time: verify time for the medicine to be taken
Route: verify the route by which the medicine is to be administered and follow procedures

Assessment Criteria

Outcome 1: Legislative framework for the use of medication in social care settings

1. Identify legislation that governs the use of medication in social care settings

The following legislation has a direct impact on the handling of medication within a
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* It may be returned to the dispensing pharmacist for disposal. * Nursing care providers are not covered by this legislation and must make their own arrangements for the disposal of unwanted medicine through a licensed waste management company. * Have a written policy in place, which describes the local procedure for recording of unwanted medication to be returned to the pharmacist. * All medication should be recorded and signed for by the receiving pharmacist and a proper record maintained in-house.

National minimum standards * Controlled drugs should be kept in a designated cupboard (Standard 9.5 and 20.7). * Trained and designated care workers give controlled drugs, another trained, and designated staff should witness. (Standard 9.7 and 20.9) * Care homes keep records of receipt, administration and disposal of controlled drugs in a register (Standards 9.8 and 20.11)

* An organisation’s policies and procedures enable staff to work in line with best practice and the law (legislation).

* There must be a policy at work place for the receipt, recording, storage, handling, administration and disposal of medicines.

* Train in policies and procedures of the organization, especially the procedures relating to administration of medication, and relevant job roles.

2. Outline the legal classification system for medication

Medicines are

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