Nyamweya Burial Ceremonies

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Schools heads in Nyamira County allowing burial ceremonies to be carried in their school grounds during weekdays will now risk jail time.

According to the Nyamira county education director Elijah Nyamweya there have been reports that most primary and secondary schools grounds in the county have turned to be the host of the burial ceremonies and even political rallies.

Nyamweya was speaking yesterday at his office after having a consultative meeting with area school heads on Monday, where he said the government won’t take in any excuse over the same.

“We have already directed Subcounty Education officers to work along with chiefs to ensure that no burial is conducted at any school grounds especially when its on a weekday” he added

He said any head teacher who allow or go against the placed order will be arrested and be prosecuted for the same immediately and therefore risking to lose his job.
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“This has been making our schools perform poorly and that’s why we are burning the ceremonies, if a person dies let the burial take place in his home place or any other ground but not the school grounds “ he
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