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Law Identification
The Affordable Health Care Act also known as Obamacare is a reform law that was enacted in March of 2010 by the 111th United States Congress that had begun the last two weeks of George W. Bush’s presidency. And what they did was have a legislative branch meeting in 2010 to discuss The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that was eventually nicknamed Obamacare, that also included the Health Care and Reconciliation Act of 2010.This was an act that would ensure that all Americans have access to good quality affordable health care, and they would create all of the transformation and also keep it in the margins of the health care system. The Congressional Budget Office had determined at the time that the bill was made …show more content…

The act was created to make health care insurance more affordable for people with little to no insurance coverage. Obama Care had many interest groups that supported Obama Care for example many labor unions that had contracts with the federal government that now run the Medicare, Medicaid, and Veteran Health Clinics that they expanded their franchises and also gained a lot of political power.
Description of the Bill
What the act was made to do was help all the low income Americans by providing them with better health care security, and they tried doing that by placing health care insurance reforms that would; expand coverage, hold insurance companies accountable, lower health care cost, guarantee more choices, and enhance the quality of care for all Americans. One of the main points was The Individual Mandate of buying insurance that meant that no one should go without having some kind of health insurance if they did they would be taxed for it, but there were some exceptions to it for example if your insurance would cost around 8% of your household income you would be excepted from the tax, or also citizens who are not are enrolled in Medicaid. Another major point of the bill was the Health Insurance Exchanges that insure that in all Fifty States people would be able to purchase health care insurance that complied with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act for people, and small businesses.
The Ten Titles The Patient protection and Affordable Care Act contains

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