Obama K-12 Education Act Analysis

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On Tuesday president Obama signed the new K-12 education law effectively ending all heavy involvement in public schools and gives the authority to the states local school districts. He stated that he does not just want to do this because it is going to be good for the students, community, and the economy but rater because it is for the essence of what we are all about as Americans.
``There is nothing more essential to living up to the ideals of this notion than to make sure every child is able to live up to their god given potential`` Obama said this during the signing ceremony at the white house, The Every Student Succeeds Act received a very strong bipartisan support from both houses of congress. This act directly effects almost 50 million students and 3.4 million teachers in the nations over 100,000 public schools. The fact that both republicans and Democrats have been bickering over the subject for more than eight years and never reached an agreement on ow they should balance federalism and accountability, but thanks to the chairman of the senate education panel and ranking democrat senator Lamar Alexander alongside senator patty Murray working with their house counterparts rep. John Kline and rep. Robert c. In order to get a deal done.
Obama jokingly shouts ``It’s a Christmas Miracle, a bipartisan bill signing …show more content…

Its is still unclear whether or not states will retain the polices absent from a federal mandate because of this there are political struggles over thorny issues such as testing, academic standards, and the best way to insure that quality teachers will be migrating from Washington to the 50 state capitals ``now the hard work begins, laws are only as good as their implementation`` says

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