Obama State Of The Union Speech Reflection

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On January 12, 2016, President Obama gave his annual State of the Union Address. He discussed many relevant issues including past economics, education, immigration, energy, finance, bipartisan, and our military. Three topics in the President’s speech that interest me were education, immigration, and our military. President Obama began his speech with the topic of education. His focus was the effects that teachers have on students’ lives. “A great teacher can offer an escape from poverty to the child who dreams beyond his circumstance… Most teachers work tirelessly, with modest pay, sometimes digging into their own pocket for school supplies-- just to make a difference.” - Barrack Obama As stated above, most teachers put endless hours into their jobs to make a difference in the lives of their students. Despite everything they do, teachers aren't given the pay or respect they deserve. The president said that he wanted to give schools the resources to keep good teachers and reward the hardest working ones. Another arising issue was the number of high school drop-outs. President Obama called on …show more content…

He talked about how he had started to bring home troops from Afghanistan. He also stated that by the end of the summer, around 23,000 more would come home. He wants to build a partnership with Afghanistan to end their attacks against us. He also discussed how America is raising to the top globally and Europe and Asia have become stronger than ever. The president also proposed a new defense strategy for the U.S. it will protect our country from cyber-threats and ensures us a strong military while saving money in our budget. Another important topic concerning our military is VA founding. He wants to give our veterans the care and benefits they deserve for protecting our flag. The amount of VA spending has increased gradually since he has become President in the hope of enlisting more

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