ObamaCare and Ted Cruz

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American Government ObamaCare and Ted Cruz Background President Barrack Obama proposed the idea of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or otherwise known as ObamaCare in 2010 according to the American Public Health Association (APHA)(2014). The ACA is intended to provide health insurance to people in the United States who cannot afford it. According to Norton (2014), not very many people actually understand the new Health Care Reform, 64 percent of Americans say that they don’t understand it. Also, 40 percent of those same people said that they don’t know what an insurance deductible is either. I had to do a little research myself and found that Lalli (2013) reports that we the people of the United States will have many benefits from the ACA. The first one is ambulatory patient services. This means that you come in, they will take care of you, and then you can leave. The second benefit is prescription drugs, which means that under the ACA people will be able to afford the medicine that they need. Another benefit is emergency care, which includes visits to the emergency room for reasons such as a stroke. The fourth benefit is mental health services, which provides a limited amount of visits to professional help and will only be billed about 40 dollars for their session. The fifth benefit is hospitalization, which can be very expensive but with the ACA, people will only have to pay 20 percent of the bill. Lalli (2013) continues the list of benefits: the sixth benefit being
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