Oberlin Personal Statement

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I always knew that I wanted to study vocal music, but I also wanted to study science. Oberlin was one of the only schools that offered a dual-degree in vocal music and another academic area. It seemed small, cozy, and, from what I heard from my cousin (who is currently a sophomore), the students there were quirky and nerdy, just like me. I visited Oberlin this summer. On my way to admissions, I noticed the the magnificent chalk drawings on the sidewalk juxtaposed by silly scribbles of fanart that made me giggle. The students were enthusiastic and sincere; they raved about their core classes and electives. We walked through the wide-open park in the center of the campus and I laughed as I listened to a large circle of bagpipers. I felt at home. …show more content…

I want to sing, but I want to explore. I want to study the arts and the sciences, and that’s what Oberlin will give me. I will be free to earn a degree in vocal music and science. I will have the opportunity for any number of extracurricular activities, including circus aerial (unfortunately, there’s no gym close to home and I miss it!). And I will be surrounded by students who love what I love; who share the same passion for the arts and learning, and geeky guilty pleasures! Oberlin offers it all, and I would love to be a part of the

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