Obesity And Its Effects On Obesity

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Obesity in America is rising with an alarming, and disturbing rate: more than one-third of adults (78.6 millions) are obese according to Center for Diseases Control and Prevention. In addition, no states in America have prevalence of obesity less than 20 percent; while the states having leading percent of obesity are Arkansas, Mississippi, and West Virginia. Obesity’s common effects on health are low life expectancy, high blood pressure, stroke, migraine, low back pain, etc. Furthermore, a recent study done by researchers from University of California shows that sugar can lead to obesity because of its metabolically harmfulness. Even in Europe, people consider obesity is a disability; and the government in many European countries try …show more content…

Even artists write songs about how “thick” they are and how proud they are to distinguish themselves from all those evil, skinny girls. If the media says so, one has to agree. Has the media ever been wrong about anything it portrays? Besides, skinny women are always known for their mischievousness, and maliciousness towards people, especially fat women. The cause of this atrocity is very rocket-science simple to explain: obese, or curvy women have what skinny women do not have. Skinny women are envious of the beautiful bulging layer of fat at the stomach, the flapping fat under arms, the gorgeous look of the two thighs touching, and the marvelous stack of fat under the chin. Even if being obese means risking one’s life to have heart failure, fatty liver disease, gallbladder. Eighteenth century women risked their lives getting lead poisoning by putting white powder on their face; therefore, sacrificing for beauty by binge eating is no big deal. In addition, women resembles to cakes. Would one rather choose a thin slice of cake or a whole ample, meticulously decorated cake? America’s prosperity greatly links with the increase of obesity. There is no better time to live in that one can have deep fried Oreo, milkshake, then spend money to buy diet books and gym membership to lose weight. There is no doubt the obesity industry is profiting from obese people billions of dollars: the fast food restaurants make more than 133 billions dollars, people

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