Obesity Synthesis Essay

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More than 65% Americans are overweight or obese. It's not always their fault! Society plays a huge role in Americans and their obesity. Obesity should be looked at by society as an health issue instead of a beauty issue.
Society values looks over health which is contributing to a rise in America’s obesity. Source "E" focal point was on the popularity of Barbie and how iconic she is. Society expects people to look like Barbie which could put people at a serious health risk. People alter their bodies so they can become the "ideal Barbie" when it isn't good for their health. Basically, if you don’t have a Barbie body the society views you as not pretty.
Society has a way of making people focus on beauty and not their health. People who make fun
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For example, getting rid of bulky snacks, waste bins and even rows of seats. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “the average weight of the American has increased 24 pounds since 1960.” Considering the measures the airlines have taken to save money as well as cut weight, the extra pounds which increased seems to eat up any good obtained from thinning out a plane. “It takes roughly a gallon of jet fuel to move 100 pounds on a domestic flight” With that being airlines use 176.4 million gallons of fuel, costing $538 million dollars not to mention the megaton of C02 disburse in the environment. Airlines, can help by offering a healthier selection of foods. In addition, airlines are raising prices on tickets for obese people and charging them for two seats while others don’t. They put beauty and wealth over health.
In conclusion obesity is something that is on the rise and will continue to be on the rise unless we do something about it. We can do things like informing people about obesity and start encouraging healthy lifestyles and habits. If society would begin to look at obesity as a health issue and not a beauty issue this will help build towards a healthier
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