Obesity : The Most Obese Countries Worldwide

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America is one of the most obese countries worldwide; however, it is an obvious statement if applied to the real world around you. There are several fast food locations within blocks from each other on most streets. Fast foods, however, are not the only source of obesity; stress is also another factor that contributes greatly to weight gain in which one becomes overwhelmed with feelings and they seek food for comfort. Obesity might not be considered such a serious disease like cancer or AIDS, but it definitely is associated with heart-related conditions, diabetes, and premature aging of the entire body and brain. Thus, discussing obesity in a country like America, we as individuals must consider potential factors and causes in order to come up with a plan effective enough to seize this issue that decreases the quality of life. Americans have a tendency to settle for less when it comes to their health and diet. Therefore, purchasing fast food and soft drinks is convenient when one doesn’t want to cook or buy food at the market. Furthermore, the ingredients within the “food” these places process are significantly unhealthy and should be unacceptable. Most people who purchase these types of foods don’t even know what they are truly consuming. The lack of knowledge clearly doesn’t affect their choices, hence leading to the problem we face with obesity. Nonetheless, the portion size of these foods are not even measured. People seem to ignore the fact that there are
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