Obesity With Emphasis On Childhood Obesity

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Since physical activities can help a child and obesity and illness from child obesity, keeping a child active and healthy can eliminate on child obesity. What is becoming a widespread in young children these days, childhood obesity; it is on the rise and we must take care of this issue now? The topic that was chosen to discuss was obesity with emphasis on childhood obesity.
The reason that I chose to discuss this topic is because I am a teacher for young child with an Early Head Start program and we strive to educate the children about safety, development, health, etc. Health is really important for children as they grow, it helps to develop the body and the brain as well. I was always told that you have to watch what types of foods and drinks that you intake because it can be hazardous to your health. Working with children has always been a passion and one day I would hope to continue on after the completion of my degree in Education and or my own center. Since schools, most fast food restaurants and parents seem to play an essential factor in the conflict with youth obesity, it is important that educators are aware of the health risks and it is important that educators learn what can be done to change the state of affairs when it comes to the health and nutrition of children. As an educator, it is important that I am able to educate the children and the parents on why it is important that a child stays healthy and at their average weight. I plan to showcase the causes

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