Observation And Motivation Questions And Answers On Classroom Setting

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Scenario A: Mary is sitting in her high school biology class, paying attention to her teacher’s lecture. She begins to hear a faint snoring and notices that one of her fellow classmates, Tim, has fallen asleep in the middle of the lecture. 1. What does your schema tell you about what to expect in a typical classroom setting? Include expectations about both the physical classroom setting itself as well as expected behaviors of students and teachers. Using an automatic thinking schema from my own personal experience I would except the physical classroom setting for a high school biology class to have students seated at workbenches facing the front of the classroom. At the front of the classroom, I would expect a whiteboard where the teacher would present lectures and provide notes. On the surrounding walls would be posters of animal classifications, lab rules, and possibly even aquariums. Given that Tim has fallen asleep, I would imagine him towards the back of the classroom, possibly, in a corner seat. Whereas, a more attentive student like Mary, would be sitting closer to the front of the room, where she could easily see the board and teacher. Mary, upon hearing Tim snoring during class would feel annoyed that he is causing her a disruption while she is trying to take notes and learn. Several of her fellow students would also view this disruption with annoyance. In contrast, in the back of the class, where Tim is sitting some of his friends may be amused at Tim

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